Trip to Yellowstone/Mt.Rushmore/Reno

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This trip was literally the best trip I ever had in my life! And trust me, I have gone to a lot of trips in my life. Now let’s start! Our trip started in our home in Cupertino, CA.We had everything we could possibly need such as Food/Snacks, Water , pillows, electric toothbrushes, clothes, my iPad, phones, books, a portable DVD player, DVD discs, sunscreen, swimming clothes, goggles, audiobooks, toys to play with, and many other necessary items. It was about to start! The one week trip to Yellowstone! and several other places on the way. Now we were about to start at 8:07 sharp. It started off as a ten-hour drive. We started to get bored as the first two hours passed. Then we remembered we had a portable DVD player and DVD discs! The movies we watched were Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief and Kubo and The Two Strings. 

Now we are in Nevada. We stopped at a gas pump to refill our tank with gasoline. My brother and I needed to go to the restroom so we went to the convenience store. The guy who ran the store was at the counter. We also used the store’s bathroom. We notice that the store carry huge varieties of fireworks. On asking the store guy told us that people take fireworks and light them up at a lake nearby. It was the culture of the people there. Now we were on the road again. We spotted a metal bridge up ahead.

We also spotted the bridge had a shady spot next to a river. We sat down in a cool spot next to the icy river. We sat down near the riverbank. We put our boiling feet into the icy river and then we were as cool as a glacier. There was a gentle breeze though I was glad to be away from the scorching sun! After about five minutes we got back in the car and we continued across the long highway to call it a day at Wendover, UTAH. We stayed at our hotel for the night. But before we went to sleep we found out we were locked out of our car! We had left both of our car keys in the car! We had to call roadside service around 11pm. They used their trick to open the car and gave the keys to us. Then after all that drama, we went to sleep.


Now we are about to go to the Great Salt Lake of Utah. After 2 hours of drive, we reached the Great salt lake. The lake was stunning but same time stinky because of salt. We came to know that this lake has 2nd largest salt content in the worls which is 25%.

My Brother And I In Front Of The Great Salt Lake

We were walking towards the great salt lake when we accidentally stepped into some liquid salt which by the way was very smelly and definitely very gross! Then we took some pictures near the lake and also visited the marine drive of great salt lake. Once done, we headed for salt-lake city downtown. We visited temple square and state capital building of Utah.

The Grand Capital Building Of Utah

Both the places were amazing looking. We went inside the capital building and we saw the House Of Representatives and we saw the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court looked so royal. It had three mirrors on the sides, a huge red velvet chair behind a table which had a  thing which looked like a hammer. On either side of it, there were smaller red velvet chairs. On the opposite side, there were wooden seats separated into two groups of benches which were also separated by row! In the House Of Representatives, there were many seats up in the front which were also made of red velvet. We started our journey once again.

Now we are visiting Independence Rock in Wyoming. When we saw the rock we saw many names of historical migration people and dates of when they came there. Many travelers stopped here during the gold rush time. One mark showed as old as 1849. And when we were going back I heard rattlesnakes! I told my family to back up slowly. Then we took some pictures near the sign which said Independence Rock Wyoming.

Independence Rock-Great migration marks

After that we quickly hit the road again for our hotel. We reached our hotel in Casper, Wyoming. It was called LaQuinta. We went to the hotel swimming pool and Jacuzzi to relax after our tiring journey.  In the Jacuzzi, the water was very warm and the bubbles kept making a sizzling noise. It was so much fun. After that, we went back to our hotel room and slept after having our dinner.


In the morning we hit the road again after having a heavvvvvyyyy breakfast of waffles and fruits. Now we started for South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. It took us 3hours to reach mount rushmore entrance.

The Entrance To Mount Rushmore

We started in the visitor center where we got a map to use. The weather was warm and my dad purchased ice-creamfor us. It was a perfect time to eat ice-cream named after US presidents. I had George-washington ice-cream and my brother had Roosevelt ice-cream. Later we went to the grand view terrace of the mount rushmore and trek a bit.

The Mountain Of The Four Carved Faces

From there we followed the map to the Presidential Trail where we saw the carved faces of the four faces on Mount Rushmore, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. It was really awesome! We also saw some real Native American Tents at the junior exploration area. There we learned a bit about Native American tribes and how they hunted bison and what they did with them.We also felt real bison skin. We saw that its horns were used as a cup holder and its tail as a fly swatter. From there we went to the sculptor’s studio. We saw a mini version of Mount Rushmore and learned more about the people who sculpted it, Lincoln Borglum and his father Gutzon Borglum. From there we took the Nature Trail Back to the parking lots and we hit the road again!

Next, we went to an amazing place called Bear Country. Turns out, this place was a drive thru. We too out our binoculars from the car boot space. There were so many animals such as Bears, Elk, Arctic Wolves, and much more! It was amazing to see so many animals roaming at the same place. We saw bears sleeping which reminded of my brother who sleeps exactly like one of the bear(holding other bear arm with mouth wide open :-)) . Then we went to a gift shop where we bought a shirt and a bear claw good luck charm. I kept asking myself if it was real or if it wasn’t. It really was a sight to see!

From there we went fora long drive to our next hotel near to yellowstone. The place was called Basin in Wyoming state. We were glad we could stop though because we were so tired and it was 11:00! We stayed at one of the cabin hotel for only one night as usual.


At ten o’clock sharp we checked out of the cabins and then we hit the road again! Next, we were about to go to Yellowstone National Park.


There was so much nature there! Yellowstone had a variety of things. It had from volcanoes to geysers. visited mud volcano, Norris geysers, tower falls, and many other places with so much flora and fauna.

The Geysers At Norris, Yellowstone

When we were driving we saw a bison. I was literally right next to it with my open window .

The Bison Next to My Car Window

It was making a lot of small grunting noises. We saw deer next. There were some deer sleeping while some were prancing around or eating grass. We also saw an otter sliding around in the river. It was one of the most amazing days of my life. We were sad to leave but we had to get to our new hotel in Montana.


That next day after we went to Yellowstone we went to stay at an amazing place called “Yellowstone Under Canvas” Tents.

The Yellowstone Under-Canvas Tents

It was really fun there! In the morning we played by the river, rested in hammocks, and best of all we drank amazing hot chocolate! It tasted so delicious! In the river, the water was freezing cold that after we kept our legs in it for ten seconds we ran a lap and jumped into the hammock. We decided to explore more of the area and played the games setup in the complex. We also cooked marshmallows under the campfire and ate with chocolate-biscuit sandwich together. We has our dinner at an Italian restaurant in city and came back after buying some souvenirs. It got tiring and I felt like going back to tent. I was the first one who came inside the tent. Then I jumped into bed.  In the night we were so drowsy that we couldn’t do anything but sleep.

Campfire At Yellowstone Under-Canvas Tents


The next day we went to Yellowstone again but it wasn’t as nearly as fun as it was the day before.We went to the Old Faithful Geyser next. It started raining and we were hungry for our lunch. There we saw a restaurant. We ordered food and ate some grilled cheese sandwiches with some fries since we were very hungry. We finished and went into a visitor center and got a notebook to complete! It was called the Junior Ranger Program Notebook. We had complete certain activities to get a Junior Ranger Badge. We finished these activities and got our badges.

The Yellowstone Ranger Notebook and Badges

Next, we checked out a room which told us about geysers and volcanoes. The pictures also showed how their flow works and how they are alike and different. Next, we went to see the Old Faithful Geyser. We read a brief article about it and we took some pictures. Next, we saw a custodian. It was then I remembered, I really wanted to see a wolf. So I asked him where I could find one. He told me he had been working at Yellowstone for 29 years and he saw his first wolf last year! I was so shocked of my chances of finding a wolf, I nearly fell. He then told me that if you are really lucky you might find one. Then he also told me they are usually found near the northeast side of Yellowstone. Sadly, we did not have enough time to go and search for a wolf ;since we were at the northwest side of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Staff Member


Then we drove back to the Under-Canvas Tents again. That day after we went to Yellowstone we went to the tents again.This is the map which shows our trip in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Travel Map




We started our journey after saying goodbye to tents and yellowstone. Next, we went to Idaho Falls which was 5hours drive. There we saw a huge waterfall and a dam. In the top part of the waterfall, we saw some ducks. We read a sign about it and it said the dam was made to help produce electricity for the city and that is exactly what it does. We saw many fake animals made out of wood so we took pictures with them.

Learning to Tame the Fake Bison 🙂

Next, we went to the twin falls in Idaho. There we saw another waterfall which was even bigger than the last one.This is known as “Shoshone Falls” which is called mini-Niagara falls.Since it was in a canyon we had to be careful because we had a high chance of falling. From there we went to Shari’s. It was an American restaurant. We had some pies,Idaho baked potatos and then we were full. We also took some pictures in front of a sign which says, Idaho Falls. From there we hit the road again for Reno. We reached our hotel at Circus-circus and called it a day.


Circus Circus had  an arcade for kids and a casino for adults. We went to the arcade and played there for a bit of time! . For lunch we had an Indian buffet which was very popular spot in Reno. Next, we went to a park in Reno by the riverside . We saw a concert in the park and had some lemonade and ice-cream. We also played by the riverside! for a long time. In the evening we also watched a movie in the park which was very rare to watch in the US. This movie was only released at three places in the US, Los Angeles, New York, and Reno! and was a nominee for oscars for best animated movie. Well, actually the Reno people snuck in a bit and got the movie! The name of that movie was “My Life As Zucchini” . We really enjoyed the movie under the stars.


Reno Riverside


Next morning , we were about to go to North Lake Tahoe! After driving for 1 hour we reached king’s beach at Lake Tahoe. We changed in our swim dress and swam in the lake ! The water was very cold but after a while it got warm. It was so fun there! We built sand castles and buried ourselves in the sand. In the water, we did jumps from the deck and practiced some strokes we knew! When we came out of the beach we had pizza and ice cream! They both were delicious! We hit the road for one last time! We played games on the four hour trip and we arrived back to our home …”Sweet Home” 🙂 .

Lake Tahoe

Trip To Las Vegas, Death Valley & Bear Valley: My Experience

I was sound asleep when my dad suddenly dragged me out of bed. “Just 5 more minutes” I moaned. “We have to go, it’s time for the trip” My dad replied. It was 8:00am with no school and I was a feeling like a tired horse. It was a holiday break and we headed for another 8-hour road trip. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I realized that I forgot to pack my entertainment stuff for the trip, but, you can’t blame me because I was super tired from yesterdays running. Also, did I mention the fact that I can get carsick, and in fact I did? After the super long, super boring, super dizzying journey, we finally reached Las Vegas, at our hotel Rio. This trip was also unique because I was traveling with my loving grandma.



We strolled around the place with a chritmas celebration with amazing light around. After that, we retired to bed post-dinner. When I woke up, I was relaxed and ready to go. I thought to myself “Hey, maybe this trip won’t be so bad after all.” First, we went to the Las Vegas sign, you know, the one that says “WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS”, yeah, that one !


Afterward, we went for lunch at a restaurant. From there, we went to the Venetian, this huge hotel which had the views of Venice. It was quite fascinating to see the indoor sky where you feel like evening 24×7. From there onwards we left to Circus Circus, where we did play manymini games. We won some prizes, and we even saw 2 amazing circus events. The balancing act by the performer was so much fun to watch. Then, we went to this winter wonderland place, and took some pictures. We roamed around the car to see the view the Vegas lights. After that, we had our dinner and  slept. Next morning  we went to Death Valley.


We saw an amazing landscape with incredible views. We saw the salty marshland and had tons of fun in sand dunes.




It was a whole different experience with salt water lake and beach sand. The movement was sand dunes was a treat to watch.


After all the fun, we came back home at 11pm. But the excitement didn’t end there. Next day, we were about to have the journey of a lifetime. Its ski-season and we were going to Bear Valley, California with some of our friends. It was a 3 hour drive but it was definitely worth it. This was because I was going to try something new, and in my imagination, extremely fun. We were going skiing! Yeeeeyyyy!!!!!

When we reached Bear Valley it was filled with snow. I’d never gone skiing before so I was really excited. First, we got all of our equipment and went to the training area. There, we met our trainer who helped us learn how to ski. We learned how to put on our skis and how to move on machine-made tracks. After that, we learned different ways of skiing and which one we should use for flat land, downhill, and uphill. Training ended with a nice warm hot chocolate on an icy day , Yummmmy !!


After the lesson was over, we went on this trail. There was a huge slope and I tried it  but i fell and stumbled to the bottom. After that, we tried it again, but this time, I didn’t use the tracks, and I made it. It was so fun and I repeated the trail multiple time.

After that, we had fun with the skis some more and went tubing. There, we went down big slopes and it was really fun.


At 4pm the ski-resort was about to close so we had to go head back home. After the 3 hour journey, we reached home sweet home 🙂 . I would definitely look forward to my next ski-day.

Pismo Beach And Los Angeles: My Travel Experience


    It was a cold winter day, and there was a high chance of rain. It was about 7:00am and we got ready for our exciting trip of LA.  In about two hours everyone in my family was ready to go. Then we headed out for Pismo beach. It was a 3-hour drive and it felt really long because I couldn’t wait until Pismo Beach. My dad told me there were these bikes with 4 wheels called ATV which I could ride in sand dunes of Pismo Beach. Yes, you heard me correctly, I could ride these. But before we got there, there was a stop on the way, Bubblegum Alley, a place where the walls are covered with chewed bubblegum.


It was really gross but also kind of interesting to experience what you could call a tradition of that area. Then, we hit the road, and I was bursting with anxiousness inside me. Then, right on the before I couldn’t hold the excitement and the suspense, we reached the beach. I could imagine myself, riding the bike along the coastal waves and enjoying the ride. But then it all faded. When we were parking, I saw my cousins, and I then realized my dream would be more like this: I was riding the bike next to my brother and cousin, both on each side of me with my cousin near the coastal waves, and none of us would have enough space to even drive properly, then, we crash, and I fall down and get injured. Since I am the oldest, obviously I will get blamed for all this mess. Well, I guess it was too good to be true. Then, another obstacle came in my path. There were some “ground rules” which we all had to follow. And on that, it said that we had to ride on the dunes, we couldn’t stay near the wet sand or go in the water. And even worse, I was going to share vehicles with my brother. That meant less time for me. So I thought to myself, “this is going negative, something good must happen so that it balances out the good and the bad.” Then, when we reached the beach area where we could drive the vehicles, there was a confusion. Apparently the vehicle that we got, was only available for my age. Then, we tried replacing vehicles, but they didn’t allow that. So, I got 2 hours of driving. Yeyyyyyyyy


I thought this would make up for it. My little brother got a chance to drive his size vehicle too which he loved it and we all were so happy. Then, we left the beach and went to a hotel where we stayed the night. We used the pool-spa to have fun and went out for thanksgiving dinner with another family friend. It was a perfect Thanksgiving fun. Next day, we went to this really cool place called Solvang which is a small cute Danish town, which has a European like a street/town in the USA.


 From there, we took a long drive to Los Angeles to visit Swaminarayan temple, and it was huge. I really loved the night colors, carvings, and aura around the temple. It was majestic. We also had dinner at the temple which was very yummy.


Afterwards, we called it a day and retired to our hotel in Los Angeles. There, we slept and woke up late. In the morning, we left to the Hollywood sign, you know, Hollywood in big letters up in the mountains. It was great, and the view was unbelievably shocking. It was truly a great sight to see.


From there, we head on out to the walk of fame. I saw many actors and people I know. I couldn’t resist taking a picture with my favorite childhood character “Shrek” STAR.


Then, after a long walk, we went to an Indian restaurant, which seems to be very popular with the humongous crowd. We had our lunch with my favorite “Panner masala”. From there, we went our own ways and separated with our cousins, to our home sweet home. :). After a long drive of 5hours, we are back to our den.


The Journey of White Water Rafting

The Beginning of A Great Journey

Saturday: It was early morning and I was awake.  Normally I would be sleeping at this time but I wasn’t today because I was going to another fabulous boy scout camping trip. This time,  it was a place called white water rafting near Sacramento. So from home, we drove to the church, where our troop always met. There we talked about some safety protocols of white water rafting. We also took a picture,  organizes the car groups, and after all of that was sorted out we were on our way to the camp. I was going with my dad and three other scouts. It was exactly 3 hours and 6 minutes to get there from the church. On the way, one of the scouts shared their experience of the previous times they did this trip.  This was my first rafting trip so I was super excited. We also listened to the new hit songs on the car radio. When we reached we waited a bit for the other cars to reach. Once everyone was there, we went to our campsite. There we chose our tents and played a game of apples to apples since it wasn’t quite time to make dinner yet.

My Tent Buddies and I In Our Tent. 

After apples to apples, we asked the older scouts at this campout if we could make dinner. At the time they too were playing card games. So they said that it was not time yet. They said we would cook at 7:30 but the time was 6:50. So we talked inside of our tent and at 7:30 we asked if it was finally time to have supper. Again, they were playing cards so they replied in 8 minutes. So we set a timer for 8 minutes and talked during the period of those 8 minutes. When it was time to cook we were making soft shelled tacos. But one of the older scouts brought kidney beans instead of black beans so most people decided to make it into a cheese quesadilla instead. But, anyway, it was good enough. After dinner, we had to go and clean our mess kits, or known as cooking utensils and a box for food at campouts. After that, we had a campfire when we talked about our favorite scouting experience and afterward, we had smores, which by the way, were really good.

Marshmellow Cooking For Smores

Then it was super late so we went to bed.

Sunday: It was really early morning and I just wasn’t able to sleep enough the night before but when I did get the chance to sleep I was able to go into REM(rapid eye movement/deep sleep) really quickly. But eventually, at 6:00 I woke up with my tent buddies and no one else was awake. We tried waking the other people up telling them that we had to cook breakfast. But, even after all our efforts the other tents just told us to go away and dozed off again. After a little bit, the other tents woke up and started packing their supplies into their hiking pack. When most of the scouts were up we started cooking breakfast. We got mixed up with the different food groups and the people in my group went to the other group for their crepes and they came to our group for our food as well. So then we cleaned our mess kits again and we put our stuff in the car for white water rafting. Then we went into the car and headed to the river.

Learning What To Do On A Raft

Our instructor gave us sub-instructors who would be telling us how to prepare for the rapids perfectly. If we listened, we would not fall into the rapids and be perfectly fine. We started with easy level 1 rapids and since I was in the second row I would get splashed a lot, which was perfectly fine with me. So we learned how to do paddling in the rapids and how to do the correct type of paddling.

The Rapids


Then we did a hard, but still level 1 rapid where I was on my knees in the front. Water splashed me completely and I was soaked. But, it was really fun. After a little bit, there were lakes where we could swim in. I went in one, but, it was super freezing cold I just rushed back into the boat. After a while, we went to another rapid where was fairly easy compared to the ones we had just done before. Then, we went out of the boat to have lunch. We had burritos/wraps. It wasn’t the best burrito I had ever eaten, but it wasn’t the worst. We also got cookies with white chocolate chunks in them and were amazing. Then we headed back to the boat where the instructor told us that we were going to face level 3 rapids, which are a true challenge for first-time people. He also taught us a list of commands like watch out and get in and pop out etc.

Success Paddle Five, But Another Unexpected Rapid

Each of these meant something that we had to do if we wanted to stay on the boat. And falling off the rapids is very dangerous since you can get hit by rocks and seriously injure yourself. But luckily no one from our boat fell off. But on the other boat, one person kept falling off the boat and it looked like he was doing it on purpose. Once, he dragged one of my friends down with him. After a few of the level two rapids, the level three rapids came. There was satan’s cesspool, Satan’s son, and hospital bar. My favorite was the hospital bar since it was the most challenging and had the most water splash on me. After that came a small rapid which we could swim. It was super fun. After that, We had no more rapids and we went back to our campsite.

The Bus Back To The Campsite

 I went to my dad’s car again with my friends. We went to the church and said bye to each other, and that was the end of this white water rafting journey. 

This campout was much different compared to the other boy scout camps that I had been to before. This was truly an extraordinary and thrilling experience. I hope that in the future, this place keeps getting better and better for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Camp Hi Sierra


Day 1: Only a few days had passed since our trip to India and Bhutan, and I thought that it would be a great time to rest. But then something came to my mind, was I forgetting something? Oh yeah! Today was the day I was going to go to a huge boy scout summer camp called Camp Hi-Sierra.


I was really excited, but also really nervous since it was going to be the longest time I’ve ever stayed away from my family. So my father and I got ready and we went to the meeting spot of my boy scout troop, a church. Then, we took some photos, videos and talked about the camp rules. After that, we head out for a three-hour journey to a mountain part of a huge mountain range called the high sierras. When we got there, the place was hot and unexpectedly had a lot of dust. We went to our campsite and set up all the tents and the tables.


Then we had to go eat dinner. Then, my dad and I met for the last time at hi-sierra and we said goodbye. After he left, we went to go to sleep.


Day 2: We woke up and went to flags. We stood in line and went to breakfast. Afterward, we did our merit badges. My merit badges were Communication, the trail to the second class, the trail to first class, citizenship in the world, environmental science, and finally citizenship in the nation. So we had time in between periods, and that was where we went to this shop called the trading post to gather food or other supplies. The only bad thing about this was that the stuff was super expensive. Like the sour patch kids and the nerds, were 2 dollars each! People, I can find these things at the store for 25 cents each. Then we had pasta for dinner.


We also had a campfire, for the first time in this camp and it was tons of fun.


Afterward, we were really tired and went to sleep.


Day 3: We woke up again and followed our daily schedule. But today was different, it was going to be special, I just knew it. Oh yeah, this was the day of the astronomy overnighter. I couldn’t ait. When it’s time to leave, I put all my belongings in the car and then we hike up to the spot. When we reach there, we have a lot of fun and find out about the constellations and see things in the sky such as globular clusters and Jupiter. We stayed awake until 12, and then we were so tired, we really needed some shut-eye. 


Day 4: I had risen to the sound of my friend screaming. Then, we took a hike back down to the campsite. Everyone welcomed us. We had a great time, until, we had to go to flags. We went down to the flags and we did everything we would do normally. But today, my friends and I completed the fingerprinting merit badge. It was a great experience. We learned about the different types of fingerprints and identified/classified them.

finger print on enter key of keyboard
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It was a lot of fun. In the night we also had a great time since we did a campfire with our troop. It was really fun. Then, we were all super tired and we dozed off.


Day 5: Today we followed the same schedule, woke up, flags, breakfast, merit badges, campsite, flags, dinner, campfire, and sleep. Wait, hold it. After doing all of the merit badges, we also had pizza, as a special. And to make it even better we completed everything but 1 requirement of the leatherworking merit badge. And also, after that, we started our music merit badge and we had a lot of fun doing it, plus the fact that we made the crowd laugh. Then, our schedule continued. We went to flags, then dinner, then the campfire and finally after all of that work we went to sleep.


Day 6: Today was makeup day to finish up your merit badges. So I woke up and then I did flags and ate breakfast. After that, I checked if my merit badges were done, and they wore, so I was happy! Then I went and I completed leatherwork. Afterward, I did some rock climbing and finished just in time for music.


We finished the music easily, but it definitely was fun. Then we went up to the campsite. After doing a bit of that, we did this thing called camp-wide games where we did fun activities such as rock climbing and tomahawk throwing, which by the way, nobody could do what they asked us to do, which by the way was throwing tomahawks and make them stick in the wood. Next, we did this thing called the staff hunt, where we had to find staff members and they would give us a certain amount of points if we found them and a certain amount of points if we answered their question properly.


Then we had lunch. After that, we head back up to our campsite and talked. Then we did flags and ate dinner. We did a campfire where we performed a skit called shower in a bag After that we went to sleep at our campsite.


Day 7: There isn’t much to say about this day, but I’ll say what I can. So we woke up and went to flags. From there we went to breakfast. Afterward, we went in a car to a shop called bass pro where I bought a pocket knife. Then we ate subway pizza and went to the church. When we arrived we took a picture and went back home. This was the end of a journey we would never forget.


Trip to Bhutan


Day1: After reaching India and staying for about 1.5 weeks, we decided to go to the happiest country in the world, Bhutan. Our journey to Bhutan started at Jaigaon, a small town in India which is a border post of Bhutan and India. Indian passports do not need a visa and we got our permit with fingerprinting and picture at Phuentsholing(Bhutan side of Boarder). On the way to Thimpu which was a 5-hours drive, we stopped for a quick break at “Karbandi Gompa” a monastery. From that point, you can see the beautiful view of the valley and river Torsa. After our short visit to the monastery and tea break, we head off to Thimpu and saw great sights and views of the Himalayas. Bhutan looked like a very religious country with spiritualism is an integral part of Bhutanese life. Once we reached Thimphu, we looked around for the hotel and reached late in the night. After dinner, we dozed off after a long day of travel. Bhutan food consists of cow-cheese as base and addition of different kind of vegetables/chilli/meat etc. They call the dishes as “Datshi” . Here is Ema(chilli) Datshi and Kewa(Vegetable) Datshi that we tried.


Day2: We woke up early morning and went to Buddha Point, which was a ginormous statue of Buddha on a mountain. I was mesmerized by such big Budha statue in such a beautiful location. After Buddha point, we went to a Memorial Chorten, which depicts the lifestyle of typical Bhutanese from birth to death. We also went to the nextdoor art shops where we bought shirts which said Bhutan, gross national happiness with a dragon on it. Then we went to our hotel for a  little bit of resting time. Later that day we went to the royal palace “Tashicho Dzong”. The palace looks grand and we came to know that construction is Bhutanese style where they join the bricks by mud which is amazing. All of a sudden it started raining so we have to rush back to our car. On our way back, we went to the nice Buddha park and had a lot of fun. In front of the park, we saw Bhutan national stadium where two soccer teams were playing. My brother rushed to watch the match as he himself is a good soccer player. We stayed until halftime and the score was 2-1 with the home team winning. Then we returned to our hotel and had our dinner and called it a day. 


Day3: We woke up early and started our drive from Thimpu to Punakha. After 3-hours of a breathtaking drive towards Dochula pass(3080m).Dochula pass is a soldier memorial and has “108 Gumpas” which was built in honor of the brave soldiers who fought for Bhutan. We met a soldier who told us to honor these soldiers the people of Bhutan do 108 rounds around the buildings, and each round was 350 steps, but I got 280. Anyways, you have to finish the 108 rounds before a week. After saying bye to the amazing spot, we headed towards Punakha. We reached Punakha Dzong, a great monastery with a palace like looks which is situated where Pho-chu and Mo-chu river merge. It was really special. There was a unique hallway with no windows, aerodynamically designed with a lot of wind. After that we went to a thrilling ropeway bridge, hanging right over two valleys with a river flowing under it. It was scary at the same time thrilling to cross over it. We loved the experience. Then we went to another monastery where a small Bhutanese kid was asking for money in return for his drawing. We bought one and also I gave him one of my toys. He was very excited and happy. We also met a child-monk in the monastery who looked angry (maybe he has to study hard like us). We tasted the amazing local plum and peaches. We reached the hotel in the night and slept after dinner.  


punakha-2Day4: This was the day when we went to the Tiger Nest which is the heart and soul of Bhutan due to its amazing and picturesque location. It was a long hike (7km) steep on the top of the mountain. We started off with horses for the 1/4th route. Then we had to cover 3/4th of the route by foot. It was very tiring but in the end, the view was amazing. It took us 3-hours to climb up. The waterfall on the way has crystal-clear water. After visiting the Monastery, we climbed down to the foot of the mountain. We shopped some souvenirs from Tiger-nest and returned to the car for our hotel. While playing at the hotel premises with my brother, I had some problems with local dogs. I was surrounded and needed help. I ran into the nearby shop then my dad came, and he helped us get back to the hotel. There, we ate dinner again and we went back to our room afterward. We watched some television and then went to sleep. 


Day5: This day was when we returned to India. We woke up in the morning and we head off to our home country. Again, we made the long journey through the lower Himalayas and we reached in the afternoon. Throughout the way, we saw many great views such as the Paro airport, and the security checking gate which led to India. This was the end of our journey. We bid farewell to the driver and we were on our way again, wondering what new adventures would lay ahead of us. Although our journey has come to an end, we will never forget this wonderful experience. 


Trip To Florida

Trip Map

Hello everyone, here is my details about my prodigious trip to Florida. One evening, I was eating dinner while my parents suddenly told me, “We are going to Florida for my winter vacation!”. The plan was to visit our cousins in North Carolina and drive to Florida for the trip. I was really shocked by this news. I shouted, “Oh my god this is such a big surprise!” , since Florida means “Kennedy Space Center aka NASA” for me.I was really happy with this news. I really wanted to visit NASA for a long time along with other famous things to see in the sunshine state. I ran to my room and got a notebook and a pen. I decided to make a list of things that I could bring for the trip. Apart from clothes, I thought it would be nice to pack some thinking games and books for entertainment while traveling in the car from North Carolina to Florida.  Then I decided to pack my notebook and pen so I could be able to write down some amazing details about that area and it could help me improve my writing since I have a huge passion for it. I prepared for my journey and then 2 months later on 24th December 2017, I finally got the chance to go to the east coast.

We took our flight from San Jose airport and during the flight, I played the board game I had brought for the trip. It’s called Think and Jump.We had a connecting flight from Denver. In Denver, while taking photos at a Christmas decoration, one of the bags got stolen. We looked all over for it but we had no luck. We had to rush to our flight and we were astonished and depressed that our bag with valuable things to all of us was gone. We decided to move on from this during the flight and we reached North Carolina. Our uncle was there to greet us. We went in his car and took a ten-minute drive to his house in the city of Morrisville. When we reached there was a little baby on the floor playing with a little car.He had curly hair and he was really playful as I found out. I also found out that he had an older brother who was asleep. The first thing that my brother noticed was a massaging chair. He hopped right on and started to relax on it.We then ate the food that our aunt made for us and it tasted really good. Then, we decided to give ourselves some rest to start with our big travel to Florida.

Day1: North Carolina to Florida

Our trip to Florida started from North Carolina at 10 o’clock AM. Our first break was a place called “South of the Border” which is just south of the border between North Carolina and South Carolina.

Pedro, Mascot of South Of The Border

This is a famous tourist attraction starring a theme of a faux Mexican style. We stopped and got some snacks on the way to Florida. We hit the road again until we saw a visitor center for South Carolina. We had our pizza lunch and took a photo along with some tourist guidebooks about South Carolina. We drove to another 5hours and reached Florida. We retired to our hotel with a nice Indian dinner.

Day2: Kennedy Space Center

The Journey in Kennedy Space Center Begins

The next day we went to Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy Space Center is organized into Mission Zones where attractions and tours are grouped by chronological era (from earliest to latest) First we decided to go on the bus tours. While waiting for the bus we saw an Astronaut costume guy who obliged to our request for a picture with him.

Astronaut and I


On the bus, the driver put on a video on a mini tv and this is what it said  “Welcome to Kennedy Space Center where visitors can access restricted areas of this working space flight facility where America launched to the moon and where NASA plans to launch astronauts into deep space. Learn where NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo partners such as SpaceX, Boeing and United Launch Alliance (ULA) operate on Florida’s Space Coast at this multi-user facility.visitors can access restricted areas of this working space flight facility where America launched to the moon and where NASA plans to launch astronauts into deep space.” It was an amazing trip and at the end, we reached a building where we learned about the Apollo and Saturn V program. There we made a video which made it look like we were in space on the moon. It was so amazing. Then, we went back to the main visitor center and started exploring the amazing shuttle, Atlantis. Atlantis was a ship like no other, the space shuttle launched like a rocket and landed like a glider while transporting astronauts to space and back for thirty years. This was the first recyclable spaceship in the world. Inside the Atlantis Center, we saw the actual Atlantis rocket. It was so fascinating. After Atlantis, we went to the Imax theaters and watched a 15-minute movie about how hard people worked to make Atlantis, the recyclable flight. Then, we went to the Heroes and Legends featuring NASA’s space pioneers at the U.S Astronaut Hall of Fame. We learned a lot during the presentation. Then, we got our car and went to a Mexican restaurant to eat food. From there we went back to our hotel at Fort Lauderdale and slept.

Day3: Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale

The next day we went to palm beach which was a boating harbor with manatee. I actually saw one bobbing his head above the water. Then, we went to Fort Lauderdale beach which has amazing blue water with almost white sand. We played in the water for the whole time making sand sculptures.Finally, I asked my dad to cover me with sand. It was really fun.

In Evening we went to west lake park where there was a huge tower where we could spot amazing wildlife along the mangrove trees. We went down a trail alongside mangrove forest, where we saw a lot of animals and amazing trees which could grow in saltwater. For dinner, we went to another beach called Hollywood beach.

Day4: Miami and Key West

Next day we visited Miami Beach where we played even more in the water than sand.

Miami Beach Entry
Me Playing in Sand and Water

We really liked the ice-cream that was available in the beach shack. That day, we went to eat nice American lunch in this old-fashioned restaurant called Cracker Barrel. After our lunch, we traveled all the way to the key west which is called the southernmost point f US. From that point and we were able to see Cuba (a dim light). Then, we celebrated the fun of the new year! With a nice dinner. (I wish you all a new year!)

Day5: Everglades National Park


The Entry To The Everglades


Next day we went to one of the most unique national park known as “Everglades National Park”.This park is famous for endangered American crocodile. We saw a lot of wildlife like Alligators, Crocodiles, Oscars, Osprey, and a lot more.There, we finished a junior ranger program which featured activities of seeing wildlife and learning a lot about the Everglades. Finally, we were awarded a Junior Ranger badge and stickers (Yay!). We also did several hikes in the park. At the park exit, we spotted a famous fruit shop named “Robert is here” which is called Disneyland of fruits. I had an amazing mango milkshakes. Finally, we started traveling back to North Carolina to our cousin’s house. We reached there after staying a night in Jacksonville, Florida.

Day6-7: North Carolina capitol, Frankie Fun Park

After reaching North Carolina, we decided to see the North Carolina Capital where we learned about the role North Carolina Plays in the US government.


Statue Of Famous People Who Played A Huge Role In North Carolina


We also then went to the North Carolina museum where we learned about native Americans, the revolutionary war and a lot about world war two. We then went to eat some good food at an indian restaurant. In the evening we decided to go to a huge gaming arcade called Frankie’s. We got money from our dad and we tried different games and earned many tickets as possible to earn a prize.

The next day, we went back to California and on the way, we took a picture with the pilot and finished our amazing trip.


Me, Taking A Picture With The Pilot


My First Triathlon

I participated on my first triathlon on the date August 20 2017. The event was one of the most popular events in Silicon Valley. It is known as the Santa Clara Kids Triathlon The triathlon , it was such an amazing event. It contained three sports, swimming, biking, and running. It all started on a late Saturday evening. We were watching TV when the advertisements started. A really good show was coming so we didn’t switch the channel. Then out of nowhere my father told me that I was going to participate in this event. I was really excited. In the first day, we started to practice swimming and running. I went to the apartment swimming pool and practiced freestyle, the stroke I was going to use. I kept swimming as fast as I could until I ran out of breath. At the end I thought I did pretty good and could come in the top 5. In my age group I was required to swim 100 yards in the shortest possible time. I came out of the pool and I was freezing like crazy. I quickly dried off and ran to my shower. I took a warm shower and I dried off afterwards. From there my dad, my brother and I ate a few snacks and we went to Ortega Park to practice running. I ran until the last lap and finished. I had a really good time. From there I decided to stop. I was so tired I couldn’t even think properly. I walked to my car and we went back home. The next day we decided to buy me new running shoes. We went to a big sporting good store which had shoes of all brands. We tried multiple shoes and we zeroed in on the the best quality shoe they had. It was called the Nike Zoom Pegasus Air. It was light and perfect for long distance marathons.

The Greatest Running Shoes Of All Time

I loved it. The day after that was so amazing. I got a new hybrid bike. It was from trek and the model was FX 1. It was blue and it looked awesome. It was a wheel 26 inch hybrid bike. We got it from a big bike shop in downtown Sunnyvale. 

The FX 1 Hybrid Bike


I was so happy. Then I tried it for the first time in my apartment and it was amazing. Next, came the Sunday before the triathlon.It was really fun! My dad took me to Central Park. There I practiced for the Triathlon. I did biking practice and running practice. I did really good on those.In the next week I did as much preparation as I could and I thought I was ready. Later, the day of the triathlon came. I was ready. I got my ankle chip and went to the swim area. I was in wave 6. I jumped in the water and started swimming.

Swimming Race

I was not so good compared to the others though I tried very hard which kept me with the crowd. I ran to the transition area afterwards, put on my T-shirt, and started to bike. I came out fast in biking. I biked super fast at gear seven and finished the bike part of the race in no time. 

The Zoom Of The Bike

Then in running I zoomed through the course because that was my USP.

The Fastest Runner In The World

In fact, I accidentally forgot to take off my biking helmet for one lap.

My Helmet Was Still On My Head

I saw my dad on the second lap and I threw my biking helmet to him. It was such a dramatic experience I couldn’t get over myself. Finally, I focused and ran the track in a flash.

The Finish

I got a participant medal at my finish line . It was really shiny. On the medal engraved was Santa Clara Kids Triathlon. I loved it! 

Finishing Triumph

We got our score online and I was not bad for my first triathlon. Here are the results.


 You can see that my run time is amazing, my bike time is great, but I should really improve on my swim timing and transition time. I really wished I got a trophy but I realized this would only make me anticipate more for my next triathlon. But there is always a next time 🙂 .  I hope you really enjoyed my blog about the triathlon. ZAP IT!